Stylewe e-commerce

After a little wait,  the pack I was waiting for anxiously arrived.

A trio of clothing that I was sent by Stylewe,  a magazine / e-commerce that I’ve talked to you a while ago, do you remember?

On Stylewe you can always update on the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle by reading the Fashion New section. Or linking to the youtube channel.

And it is also easy to find the cloth that makes you unique and unmistakable at competitive prices.

All garments are designed by competent fashion designers lending their talents to the production of garments destined for mass distribution.

My choices

Between the endless choice of clothing that Stylwe offers I chose:

  1.  A retro style organza floral dress. A versatile model perfect for both formal occasions with a high sandal and everyday wearing a pair of flip flops and jeans jackets.


2. After, I opted for the denim shirt. A garment that can not be missed in our wardrobe, a true and fair pass-partout. Just a must on white or black pants, or over a white jacket and shorts.


3. And finally I order a black coat, casual-chic with side slits and pearls.